Thick or Thin Louisville Burger

Thin or Thick Burger, Tis the question.

louisville burger thickThick or thin burger patties, that tis the question I have. To me, it depends on the time and place that I crave a burger. I’m looking to be persuaded in one way or the other so that I may have a definitive answer to those who ask my opinion.
Why do I prefer a thick or thin burger patty due to time in place and/or location? For lunch or picnic environment, I prefer a thin burger patty with a greater cheese to beef ratio that allows for a perceived lighter meal or a walk and eat experience. For dinner or foodie festival, I would choose a thicker burger patty, one that can showcase’s the beef and its qualities.
More than anything else I would love to hear your thoughts…..what do you prefer…a thick or thin burger patty?

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