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434 W Market St, Louisville, KY 40202 (502) 315-0669

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Dish in market

Dish on market

Attention all Patrons
Dish on Market would like you to know your Health and Safety, is our top priority. With the Coronavirus Pandemic effecting our State, we have put in place multiple New policies that will allow our customers to come with ease. -Our Kitchen is now being Sanitized every 30 Minutes.
-Our Employees are required to wash hands as they pass the sinks EVERYTIME! -Handrails, hallways and rails throughout the restaurant are being wiped down with Sanitizer every hour.
-HandSanitizer is available in multiple areas of the restaurant for Employees and Guests to use!
-We have now moved to using Purell Sanitizer throughout the whole facility! – Upon closing all Floors and facilities are cleaned, mopped and wiped down to ensure all areas are a Clean, Sanitized and Safe environment for our guests.

If you would like us to Deliver Lunch to you, please feel free to contact Amanda and set up any size delivery. We understand some folks may be required to work and would like to avoid crowds.

All orders should be sent to

Please include address, date and time of Delivery you would like.
Thank you for always supporting us and hope to see All of you soon!

-Dish on Market Team