The Incredible Edible Burger

Our version of a Louisville Burger

louisville burgerWho says the egg has to be incredible by itself, don’t most of us eat eggs with other things like bacon, boiled and placed in a salad, or like me, on a burger. So I think it’s perfectly fine to call home and tell mom I’ve been eating a well-balanced diet, eggs included. While the majority of my egg consumption comes in the form of a sunny up egg on my burger, I definitely feel smarter and I also think my eye sight has improved. –as dieticians say eggs can do for you.
I remember as a kid my mother would often put together her best effort to make a nutritious and cost effective meal for my brother and I. While we, the family, had what we needed to survive and then some, we would often eat a meal twice in a day or a second version of the first meal.

One of my favorite culinary memories of my childhood would be the rare occasion that our mother would actually let us sleep in until 9:30am; by which time we were “too late to have breakfast”. Needless to say we weren’t going to get our Mama’s homemade biscuits and gravy due to our lack of waking up at the crack of dawn which we were often required to do. But we were promised an early lunch. That early lunch usually meant egg sandwiches, a hearty and messy sandwich of toasted white bread, generally purchased at the Wonder Bread factory reject store, slathered with mayo, fresh peppercorn, lettuce, bacon and sometimes a slice of cheese if we promised to clean her cast iron skillet with only salt and water. I loved this sandwich, it was usually the pre curser to somewhere between a fun family day of talking about how we weren’t following through with the family rules and a complete cursing about our lack of doing chores properly and/or not doing them at all.

Okay, the egg sandwich is killer, but, she would often reinvent this sandwich into what our granpa called a, “patty melt…put an egg on it will ya”. While my brother and I thought this was odd, it only took one bite to see the light. I think I was only nine when I first had that delicious patty melt, a burger served on bread instead of a bun, and then putting an egg on it….talk about a culinary boner. Yes, you guessed it, this was pre-pubescent age for me and after looking back on this I had experienced the euphoria. Maybe too young at the time to have a beer with grandpa, but yet I felt like a man eating this sandwich. It’s the type of sandwich experience were you can’t put the sandwich down till it was completely inhaled either due to pure addiction to the moment or the fact that if you put it down on your plate you may never get it back in your hand and thus will be relegated to using a fork ?. The egg must be sunny side up, dribbling juices and yolk at every bite.

My mother doesn’t get to cook for my brother and I as much as she likes too any more now, but we have spoken recently about her egg sandwiches for lunch and sometimes an all-beef patty melt with an egg for dinner to maximize the use of our cooking ingredients for the day. My Grandpa is not around anymore but I can remember a time when he told me about a patty melt, I responded by “That’s a hamburger with bread grandpa”. By the glaring stare from him straight through me I assumed that was the wrong answer. I think I may take on the task of researching were the patty melt came from and why it is considered to be so different from a burger. Regardless of how you like your burger, try an egg on it next time, you may open a new incredible realm of the beef and cheese on bread….add an egg.

Thank you Mom and Grandpa for the first culinary boners of my life, wait…I just thanked my mom for a boner…I’ve gone too far.

I should talk about my culinary boners previous to coming of age

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