Light up Louisville

It was our first experience at Light up Louisville-4th street style.  From my previous experiences of Light up Louisville being on Jefferson Square (by the court house), I was a little concerned that the more narrow Fourth Street may lead to over crowding and ultimately less opportunity for the kids and the like to view the parade and the finale (Santa throwing the light switch).  My concerns of the new becoming the less intimate norm were foiled from the beginning   While the street was more narrow, the length of action was much more than in the past.  My little 2 year old boy, Sawyer Grissom, was able to get a front row seat, just as many other kids had found.  We walked up just minutes after the parade had begun.  As we walked up and found our front row spot as many other kiddos had done, we were first adorned by the army trucks and tanks.  In the one specific WWII tank we could see the bobbing head of a guy/or girl who was working up a sweat cranking something that was unassumingly working the turret.  The two actions were in conjunction of each other so I assume that’s what was going on. I, and now my little boy, love tanks.

Exec Chef Erik and Super-server Liza were also in attendance with us and they had brought some of their little ones as well.  They were more excited to see the Mustang Gang and the Corvette Corral.  I enjoy Corvettes over Mustangs but that’s just me.  Soon after the muscle cars I had a good laugh at the muscle go-carts adorned with larger, and older men..Shriner’s of coarse.  At this time we were all getting cold but still having a great time.  It was extremely nice to take just a few step to the restaurant, Dish on Market, to grab bourbons togo and hot chocolates for heat.  The parade ended with other assortments of vehicles, an awesome drill exercise by the recreation union soldiers, fire trucks, marching bands, and ultimately the big man him self…the saint of the holidays…the cranberry of the heavens..Ole Saint Nick who brought cheers from young to old, hipster to librarians, bartenders to jockeys, and alike.  While the kiddos were building new memories, my wife and I were bringing up our own memories of “seeing” ole Saint Nick on the local news radar on Christmas Eve’s when we were kids and wondering when he was going to make it to our neighborhood.  Once the lights were turned on I knew that Louisville had improved upon the Light up Louisville ceremonies.  It was no longer the intimate town square event that I remember as a kid, the old light up Louisville tradition was usually reserved for the “rubbing shoulders and shaking hands type”, it was now “open to the public”, for all who love Christmas   Young and old, rich and less fortunate, the sober and drunks, it had truly, and somehow, improved on the Christmas tradition that is Louisville in December.  For all those who saw, and those who will see for the first time next year, this Fourth Street Christmas thing is a site to see.

The Louisville Christmas spectacle is called “40 Nights of Light” and will feature 40 different light shows, a different one each night until Christmas.  There are thousands of electronically synced led lights, traditional Christmas lights, and etc all working together to offer themes and the like for each night leading up to Christmas.  Can’t wait to see more….  Hope to see you all soon.  Make your reservations next year to have Dish feed you and dine you for next Light up Louisville.

See y’all soon.

-Care for all, Marshall Grissom.

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