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Burger King – not your Best Burger!

A Burger King customer, in Willits, Calif., a tiny town in Northern California’s Mendocino County bit into a cheeseburger that she ordered and discovered a razor blade nestled between the cheese and the burger.

Of course the police investigated and they discovered that the incident wasn’t the result of some dastardly deed, but of a questionable internal policy by the local Burger King franchisee, which permitted loose razor blades used for cleaning to be kept in the food preparation area.

The good news: The woman who bit on the burger on June 2, Yolanda Orozco, a local resident, is OK. “Somebody is very careless at Burger King,” she told local TV station KXTV. “I was in shock.”

“Food safety is a top priority for Burger King restaurant globally,” says spokesman Miguel Piedra., in a statement. “Burger King Corp’s strict food handling procedures clearly outline that razor blades are not permitted in or near food preparation areas at any time.”

Burger King should act immediately to “clean up its act,” says Larry L. Smith, a senior consultant at the Institute for Crisis Management. What’s more, in a world of social media, it needs to learn to respond more quickly.

Smith says that he used to urge clients to respond within six hours of an incident. A few years ago, he changed that to one hour.

Dish on Market can confirm that razor blades are not one of the ingredients in Dish on Market’s Burgers. Perhaps that was why Dish on Market was named best burger, in Louisville, and not Burger King.

The views expressed in this post are those of Mr Smith, Louisville’s Digital Marketing Expert and not of the establishment of Dish on Market.

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