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What Makes Dish Burger the Best Burger in Louisville?

Reason 1 why Dish was voted Best burger:  the bun

The bun is  sized relative to the patty and ingredients. Too much bun is uncalled for and a sign that the ingredients and patty cannot be trusted to stand alone.  The Bun is soft and for some is described as phenomenal. While not the bun by itself, the bun is a reason why Dish was voted Best Burger in Louisville

Reason 2 why Dish was voted Best burger: the patty

The patty is obviously the most essential part. Dish on Market’s patty does not fails to impress. We don’t care if the bun is deep fried in truffle oil and served with gold shavings, it will fail. FYI there is not gold in the Burger at Dish on Market

Reason 3 why Dish was voted Best burger: the ingredients

The regs: Lettuce, tomato, onions (sometimes red) and PICKLES. Yes Dish offers pickles. A pickle-less burger is a crime.

Reason 4 why Dish was voted Best burger: the sauce

Sauce on a burger is not essential but sometimes a welcome compliment. Creativity here, is also essential, but at Dish the ingredients work with the rest of the construction.

Reason 5 why Dish was voted Best burger: Cheese

The more selection the better. Dish does not add fake cheese on burgers.

Reason 6 why Dish was voted Best burger: add ons

At Dish on Market they offer ad ons. Onions, bacon, a variety of cheese, even anchovies wrapped in snake skin. This last bit is a lie!

Reason 7 why Dish was voted Best burger: the burger juice

the burger juice is the STUFF that drips off the burger, your hand and face. It is the culmination of everything that our burger has become. The sauces, the meat, the ingredient and the cheese – all of that mixed into one incredible juice. I have only one thing to say about that. At Dish I want to bottle it and sell it on eBay.

I reserve the right to change this definition at any time. Suggestions are only sorta welcome.

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