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About Dish on Market

Dish On Market is quickly becoming known as one of Downtown Louisville’s best Business-Class restaurants. In late July of 2010, Dish on Market took over the building that was the former home to the restaurant, “Delta”, which catered to the downtown area for over half of a century. When the doors of Delta closed and Dish on Market took over, a new look, feel and food style were put in place in order to become one of Louisville’s best breakfast, lunch and happy hour spots for the business-class customer.

Since the opening of Dish on Market there has been an explosion of guests that come for the various entrees and lunch items on the menu, as well as a lot of customers making the best of their happy hour right after getting out of the office.

Week after week we keep seeing brand new faces come into the restaurant and as time goes on, more and more people keep coming back for our original atmosphere.

Dish on Market features a long and narrow bar area with high definition television on one side, comfortable booths and quiet scenery on another side, while at the same time, there are tons of seating upstairs overlooking the downstairs dining rooms. There are brand new hardwood floors and a totally new look and feel around the restaurant. Dish on Market serves a variety of foods ranging from Fish n’ Chips to vegetarian plates, such as Blackbean Burgers, and caters breakfast, salads, entrees, beverages and desserts. At Dish on Market we strive to make you, our guest, happy with your entire experience from the moment you walk in the door until the second you leave with a full stomach and smile on your face.

Proprietor Marshall Grissom has been a long standing player in the local restaurant scene.

In the future, keep your eyes open as there will definitely be some changes in the restaurant, but we guarantee they will only be for the better. If your downtown for breakfast, lunch or happy hour, Dish on Market is definitely a place to check out for fair-priced, excellent tasting food, while getting it presented to you with excellent service.


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